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Birthday module for Jomsocial 3.x, 4.x.x - best for you
This module shows Jomsocial users birthdays. In calendar we can find all users birthdays. On mouse over you can see users names, age and on mouse click goes to the users profiles.


Install and uninstall the birthday module using the Joomla Extension Manager in the usual way. After uninstall all the files that were installed will be removed.

In the backend are many options:

In gerneral module setings:

you can change avatar size;
show hide age;
choose show all birthdays or only friends;
enable, dissable calendar with one month or all year birthdays;
set calendar collors.

In Greetings tab you can enable greeting:

in activity stream (greetings will be wisible for born on this day and for his friends);
greeting by email and SMS (if you have instaled SMS Server Tools 3 on linux);
add many birthday wishes (separated by a semicolon);
set head and footer for notification;
add 10 pictures for greeting (wishes and pictures will be chosen at random);
set SMS greeting text.
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